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  • Set-Up Fee: No Charge – there is no set up for any accounts.
  • Property Management Fee: 8% to 10% of rents actually collected for your property. Most companies charge at least 10%.  If we don’t collect the rent, you don’t pay a fee.
  • Leasing Fee: No Charge – most property management companies charge a fee for accounting and financial reports, we do not.
  • Lease Renewal Fee: No Charge – Most property management companies will charge a renewal fee of an existing tenants lease. We do month to month rental of properties to better control tenant activities, ease the eviction process if needed and as a way to raise rent without having to wait a year.
  • Vacant Property Fee: No Charge – Some property management companies charge the owners when a property is vacant as though it was occupied, with the idea that they have to still monitor it and take time to check on it and work on advertising it etc. – Our thought is that if you are not getting paid, neither should we.
  • Notices & Legal Document Fees: No Charge – we do not mark up any legal fees.  You only pay for the actual costs.
  • Annual Administrative Fee: No Charge – we do not charge for annual statements and records.
  • Property Inspection Fee: No Charge –  Some inspections can be very expensive. We do a photo and walk through inspection annually, plus on the spot  and drive-by reviews.
  • Eviction Costs/Fees: $35 to $700 – this is the estimated average costs and fees for serving notices, attorney fees, court appearances, and evictions. Hourly rates are typically $35-$50 for process servers, while a fee for the whole eviction process usually comes in between $200-$700 (plus court costs).
  • Sales Commission if Property is Sold: 1.9% This is the total fee that we as your Broker will receive when your property is sold as a conventional sale. There may also be a 3% fee charged if there is a Buyers Agent for a total of 4.9% when another agent is involved.
  • Maintenance/Repair: No Charge – We do not mark up any charges.  You only pay the actual costs.