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Why Real Estate Investing Is Better Than Stocks

If you’ve been following the news recently, it’s not hard to have seen at least one report about the daily roller coaster ride that is the U.S. Stock Market. ┬áIt seems like the DOW is up 400 points one day and then down by 600 points or more the next day.

As of October 2018, all gains that the stock market has enjoyed this year have been erased and what’s even worse is that the full-blown stock market correction which investors have been predicting for years has not fully arrived yet. Many investors are predicting that the stock market could see further losses of 1500 points or more in the coming weeks.

This is the primary reason why real estate makes a better investment than stocks because with a real estate investment you can count on consistent cash flow from your rental property on a monthly basis, compared to stocks, where nobody really know what’s going to happen from one moment or the next.

When Should You Get Started with Investing in Real Estate?

Are you wondering when is the perfect time to get started with investing in real estate? The answer to this question is right now!

There’s never been a more perfect time to invest in rental properties because demand for rentals is the highest that it’s been in years and mortgage interest rates are still historically low so you can either finance a property or pay cash to get started with adding real estate to your Investment portfolio.

Multi-Family or Single-Family Homes?

As an investor, you probably have heard the argument about multi-family rental properties vs. single family homes over the years and wondered which type of real estate you should invest in? The answer to this question solely depends upon your own personal preference as an investor but when it comes to getting a return on your investment, you should consider investing in multifamily rental properties because, when you have more doors in your portfolio, you can expect more checks on a monthly basis.

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Posted by: Pellego Property Management on November 1, 2018