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What Are the Best Energy Efficient Improvements You Should Make to Your Rental?

By Pellego Property Management

January-March is typically one of the best times of year to own a rental property in Washington, or elsewhere in the United States. Why? The answer is simple, it’s typically a time of year when our rental properties are vacant and this gives owners the opportunity to make improvements to them.

If you’re in between tenants and are thinking about making upgrades or energy efficient improvements to your rental, this article will provide you with our best tips for energy efficient improvements you should make to your rental property.


Regardless if you add more insulation in the attic to your rental property, or elsewhere in the home, insulation should be the first energy efficiency improvement that you make to your rental property because this will keep the rental property warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer months.


Depending on the age of your home, your HVAC could be 20 years old or older. Replacing the HVAC unit at your Yakima Rental Property is another smart investment to make. A new model will consume less energy to heat / cool your rental property and it will also save you money each year because you’re going to be paying less money in maintenance costs as well.

Replace the Windows

Another smart energy efficient improvement to make to your Rental Property is to replace the windows. This investment could literally save you thousands of dollars in repairs and other costs per year because energy efficient windows will keep your home thoroughly sealed during cooler temperatures and inhibit mold growth.

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Posted by: Pellego Property Management on March 7, 2018