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7 Ways to Keep Your Yakima Rental Property Safe In 2018

Yakima Rental Property

2018 is officially here and if you’re like most owners one of your primary interests is keeping your Yakima Rental Property safe throughout the year.

Thankfully, you can keep your Yakima Rental Property safe by following these effective tips.

Tip #1 – Purchase New Lighting

It doesn’t matter if you own a single-family home, or multi-family rental property, one of the most effective ways to keep your Yakima rental property safe is by investing in new lighting. This tip will help your tenants to feel safe and secure when they enter or exit your rental property and also make it harder for thieves or vandals to damage your rental.

Tip #2 – Invest in New Doors

Are the doors on your rental property from the last century? If so, you should invest in new doors which are made from heavy-duty materials because, they will be harder to kick in and offer your tenants an extra level of protection.

Tip 3 – Purchase Secure Windows

Secure windows are also important, especially if the rental is located in an unsafe neighborhood because, these types of windows, including Casement Windows, can only be opened on the inside of the home by a crank and are much harder to open from the outside of the home.

Tip 4 – Invest In Better Tenant Screening Measures

Another great way to make sure that your rental property is secure is by investing in new tenant screening measures.

Thanks to the Internet, you can easily screen a tenant online from anywhere in the world so if you’re planning on screening a tenant anytime soon doesn’t go with your gut or use old fashioned methods of tenant screening. Invest in new tenant screening services online which will make tenant screening a breeze or hire a qualified Yakima property management company.

Tip 5 – Remove Obstructions from Entry Points to Your Rental Property

Does your Yakima rental property have large bushes, trees or other points which could potentially obstruct the entry points to the home? If so, these obstructions should be removed immediately because they represent potential hiding points for thieves and or criminals.

Tip 6 – Purchase Security Cameras

Security cameras are always an excellent idea, especially if you own a multi-family rental property because, they ensure that anyone exiting or entering the property will be recorded and that video can be used later if needed by the police.

Tip 7- Acquire an Alarm System

Last of all, you should consider acquiring an alarm system because, once your tenant pays for the monitoring, an alarm system will offer them an extra level of security which will make them feel safe.

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Posted by: Pellego Property Management on January 4, 2018